Come back in late May 2022 to see our first site on our new platform!!!!

We’re increasing housing supply by bringing properties to the market pre-planning, in a fascinating, new property model. We de-risk projects for home builders and make far it easier to access construction finance.

Hey presto – more housing supply. We’re starting in rural towns and villages with houses like this one.

A new property platform driven by homebuyers
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Homebuyers – register with us to make your voice heard

You want to buy a home. We have models which can make that happen, in places you may not think possible right now, such as rural towns and villages around Ireland. That’s where we are starting, but we will bring the model to bear on town centre rejuvination projects soon. We want to expand into all markets as soon as possible, and your answers could guide our expansion.

How do we give a voice to homebuyers?

We will bring property developments to the market, before planning permission is obtained. We have partnered with design professionals and by going to the market early, we take a huge amount of financial risk out of developing property. This lets homebuyers use their need for a home as a tool to bring new housing supply into existence.

You can lock in your spot in a new development and get updates throughout the planning process. Peace of mind for you and certainty for the developer. New homes get built. The costings are made public. Everyone wins.

We are working hard on bringing home builders, sites and lenders together. We intend to have our first sites live in Q2 2022. Not long now! Homebuyers – if you are interested in buying a home outside the cities, in Ireland’s rural towns and villages, register today.

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